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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Nov 1 04:30:38 GMT 2008

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David Tulloh wrote:
| I was trying to do my tax using the ETax program under wine and was
| wondering if anyone had tried it and had stories of success or otherwise.
| I've been having it hang at the pre-filling step, regardless of it I
| choose to pre-fill or not.  It's a shame that it doesn't seem to work so
| well this year, the 2007 version was pleasantly usable.

The "hanging" at the pre-filling step was actually a dialog that doesn't seem
to get shown on Linux machines - haven't traced it down - when it can't
contact the servers.  On my partner's Windows 2000 machine I found that
sometimes it would appear to hang but would occasionally pop the "can't
contact servers" message up behind the main eTax window, so you never saw it
unless you alt-tabbed back to it.  Of course, the last day of the tax window
is not a good time to be testing these things... :-)

It did do the update correctly, and I'm optimistic that in other situations it
would probably have worked just fine.

Hope this helps,

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