[clug] [OT] Tracking a stolen laptop

Alastair D'Silva alastair at d-silva.org
Wed May 28 12:12:22 GMT 2008

Hi Folks,

If anyone here works at Grapevine Internet, can you please contact me off

I had a laptop stolen on the 16th. It is very fussy about what it boots from
as there is no internal DVD drive, and it won't boot from USB, so you have
to jump through hoops if you wanted to rebirth it.

On the 20th, a Grapevine customer hit our website, looking for information
on how to reinstall Vista on it (my wife's website ranks #3 on Google for
that search), which looks extremely suspicious given how rare this laptop

I have passed the IP addresses & logs on to the police, but in the meantime,
I would like to ensure that the information matching the user to the IP
address does not get deleted before the police are in contact.

I'll call Grapevine themselves in the morning, but until then, if anyone can
help, please get in touch.


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