[clug] HP1000

Jim Croft jim.croft at gmail.com
Tue May 27 05:55:17 GMT 2008

Wow - that is dedication... or desperation...  looks like you can run
it on a PC these days:  http://www.strobedata.com/home/home.html   :)

We like to flog our hardware to death too, but it generally obliges
before it becomes a museum piece:
http://hpmuseum.net/exhibit.php?content=Long%20Life%20Products    :)


2008/5/27 Adrian Blake <adrian.blake at ieee.org>:
> Does anyone have experience with an HP1000, particularly the hardware configuration and setup?
> You may need to clear come of the cobwebs in your brain. This is a 25 + year old machine.
> Our machine has an GPIB comms problem and we are getting nowhere fast.
> Adrian
> Adrian Blake
> Molonglo Radio Obs
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