[clug] Ubuntu Hardy access to Vista shares

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Sun May 25 10:18:48 GMT 2008

G'Day List members

Having spent some time googling around for an explanation to no avail, I 
thought I would seek the collective help of the lists' gurus for an 
explanation of why I am unable to view shared folders in Vista with 
Ubuntu while viewing Ubuntu folders in Vista is no problem.

The scenario:  When I acquired my new notebook a few weeks ago(and 
commented on in these pages) it naturally come with Vista installed.  As 
I had never looked at this OS, I decided that I would set this device as 
a duel boot system with a view to poking around in Vista before I dumped 
it in favour of a completely Linux based home network.   Over the past 
couple of evenings I have looked at Vista and must say am less than 
impressed with it's offerings finding it cumbersome, slow and fragile.  
However, as I have never tried to use samba to share between operating 
systems I embarked on yet another learning curve and figured out how to 
set up shares in Vista and also in Ubuntu. I am now at the point where I 
can, via "Places, Network" navigate to Windows Network, Workgroup and 
Laptop (the name used when setting up Vista) but when trying to get to 
the next stage nothing happens.  I found a number of threads on the net 
where other users have reported similar problems but alas no 
explanations of why or any offerings of a solution.  This of course now 
become a challenge....something that should happen isn't happening and I 
need to know why otherwise i'll turn to drink or worse.  So, any input 
would be very much appreciated.


Ian Bardsley :-(

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