[clug] Re: FOSS, Accounting software and hosting..

Andrew Janke andrew at point8estate.com.au
Sun May 11 22:53:52 GMT 2008

2008/5/8 Andrew Janke <andrew at point8estate.com.au>:
> I run a small business from home ...
> 1. Anyone happen to know any FOSS accounting software beyond GNUcash
> 2. Hosting.  I currently use a mob called Jumba

Thanks all for the replies.

I have decided for now to continue bashing Gnucash into shape.  It can
do what I want but just takes a little more work to maintain
accounts/invoices for various accounts

As for hosting, I still have a contract for the next 6 months so was
just looking for the options, suffice to say there appears to be
plenty of local options.

Thanks again,

Andrew Janke - andrew at point8estate.com.au

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