[clug] Lug In A Box

Jason j.lee.nielsen at gmail.com
Sun May 11 02:25:40 GMT 2008

That sounds like a good idea. I am envisioning that if we manage to make something useful we will be able to get it into some distro repositories at which time it will definitely be a useful feature for any group wanting to manage membership funds or collect donations.

The wiki should be open for anyone to add content to it at the moment so feel more then free to add what you would like to see in such a product. Or move this to a clug wiki if that is more accessible to people.

The current notes are sitting at http://trac.proams.org/index.fcgi/wiki/lugInABox


> Jason,
> there are a lot of groups that could benefit from something like this - I've
> looked at the specification and it looks pretty much complete. The only
> addition I could see - to make this a universal group management tool - is a
> subscription management frontend to a payment management system (like
> PayPal, PayMate or 2CO) for those groups that need to charge money for
> membership (like incorporated bodies that have to pay insurance for events).
> Is this way beyond the scope of the current project? If not, would anyone
> mind if I added this to the specification? It would be something to the
> effect of "shopping card for initial payment and prompt an annual invoice
> for membership renewal".
> Best regards, Andrew

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