[clug] Jukebox for linux

Jack Kelly endgame.dos at gmail.com
Sat May 10 10:45:30 GMT 2008

Daniel Rose wrote:
> Hello list,
> Has anyone come across a party interface for mp3 playback that works
> like a jukebox?
>  - search for songs
>  - Add one, it gets stuck at the end of the list
>  - Songs played are removed from the head of the list
>  - An empty list gets a song added at random
> I think that people who want this simple, trivial functionality are
> perhaps writing it themselves.  Mbux http://oswaldism.de/mbux/what.html is a
> really good example of what I want, but it fails with segfaults and
> floating point exceptions on a dual core CPU.  It seems to be unmaintaned; at least, no releases in nearly three years.
> There are at least five good media centres and about a hundred
> acceptable personal desktop players, but I can only find two pieces of
> broken unmaintained software that even try to do a party mode/jukebox
> interface.  Has anyone else got a lead on a drunk-proof, bogun-proof linux jukebox?

I don't know about drunk/bogan-proof, but the machine hooked up to my 
stereo for my 21st ran MPD (http://www.musicpd.org/) for the music and 
PHPMP (http://www.musicpd.org/phpMp.shtml) (there's a PHPMP2 
(http://www.musicpd.org/phpMp2.shtml), never tried it, though).

It worked quite well for me, but I didn't need to drunk/bogan test it. 
It's not exactly what you want, but it might give you something to hack 
into shape.

-- Jack

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