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neill at ingenious.com.au neill at ingenious.com.au
Thu May 8 01:39:58 GMT 2008

Do stay away from sql-ledger - the original maintainer is a little  
confused about what the GPL means and the code difficult to work with.  
The software is free, but documentation and support must be paid for.

Have a look at LedgerSMB instead (http://www.ledgersmb.org/node/8).  I  
haven't used LedgerSMB , but I have used sql-ledger and had some  
fairly unpleasant experience with it, especially in how it deals with  
preparing a BAS on a "cash" accounting basis.  For now our accountant  
has us using MYOB, but I'm hopeful that we will be using LedgerSMB soon.

As for hosting, I help run Ace Hosting (http://www.ace-hosting.com.au)  
we certainly provide ssh access.  We've settled on Virtualmin  
(http://virtualmin.com/) for our control panel after reading one too  
many horror story about cpanel :)


Quoting Andrew Janke <andrew at point8estate.com.au>:

> Hi all,
> I run a small business from home and so far have managed to stay
> firmly in the Ubuntu Camp, I have been in the linux camp for the past
> 12 years or so for personal use but a business does present its own
> little set of issues... :)  Although I did manage to educate the
> screenprinter I use about inkscape the other day.... He was pleasantly
> suprised to learn that it can export PDF and thus it "just works"(tm)
> with his monster vinyl printers and cutters.
> But enough ramble, 2 questions:
> 1. Anyone happen to know any FOSS accounting software beyond GNUcash
> that seems to be more aimed towards the home budgeting type thing. I
> am after something that can do periodic billing, generate invoices and
> the likes. GNUcash can do this via a set of custom accounts but I am
> wondering if there is a better option.
> 2. Hosting.  I currently use a mob called Jumba (who I think were
> bought out a while ago but apparently are in CNB), and have fairly
> simple hosting needs. The major need is for SSH which Jumba do
> provide. What I would like however is a hosting company that allows
> access to apache logs for my site via SSH as opposed to via a cpanel
> interface. Currently I get around this via a wget hack script but this
> does make it somewhat hard to debug web stuff.  I use a fairly modded
> version of pmwiki to run things so there is no real need for SQL
> ta
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