[clug] FOSS, Accounting software and hosting..

Andrew Janke andrew at point8estate.com.au
Wed May 7 22:27:37 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I run a small business from home and so far have managed to stay
firmly in the Ubuntu Camp, I have been in the linux camp for the past
12 years or so for personal use but a business does present its own
little set of issues... :)  Although I did manage to educate the
screenprinter I use about inkscape the other day.... He was pleasantly
suprised to learn that it can export PDF and thus it "just works"(tm)
with his monster vinyl printers and cutters.

But enough ramble, 2 questions:

1. Anyone happen to know any FOSS accounting software beyond GNUcash
that seems to be more aimed towards the home budgeting type thing. I
am after something that can do periodic billing, generate invoices and
the likes. GNUcash can do this via a set of custom accounts but I am
wondering if there is a better option.

2. Hosting.  I currently use a mob called Jumba (who I think were
bought out a while ago but apparently are in CNB), and have fairly
simple hosting needs. The major need is for SSH which Jumba do
provide. What I would like however is a hosting company that allows
access to apache logs for my site via SSH as opposed to via a cpanel
interface. Currently I get around this via a wget hack script but this
does make it somewhat hard to debug web stuff.  I use a fairly modded
version of pmwiki to run things so there is no real need for SQL


Andrew Janke - andrew at point8estate.com.au

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