[clug] May CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

Simon Pascal Klein klepas at klepas.org
Tue May 6 11:54:18 GMT 2008

I think so too. We’re all primed to run it at the LGS training room  
again. Thus:

Date:		8th May 2008 (Second Thursday of the month)

Time:		18:30 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Talk:		I believe the esteemed Mr. Paul Fenwick from Perl Training  
Australia  will be presenting!

Venue:		Looking Glass Solutions Training Room, 134 Bunda St. (wee bit  
further down past the liquor store and Chairman & Yip restaurant). See http://linkpot.net/senseless/ 
  (Google map).

Vittles:		We like to meet up at Café Essen just up the road beside  
Gus’ café for a coffee or whatever else strikes your fancy earlier  
from around 18:00 until 18:30 before the presentation. Interested  
groups can afterwards go out for dinner.



On 06/05/2008, at 6:59 PM, Ian wrote:

> Would I be right in thinking that the Venue is still not updated here?
>> Venue:          Canberra City Pancake Parlour
>>               Find platform 4 in the City Interchange (see map below)
>>               and then look for the Pancake Parlour sandwich board.
>>               At the bottom of the stairs, look for the PSIG sign on
>>               the counter and a stuffed penguin in the indicated
>>               direction.
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