[clug] Virgin Mobile Broadband with Linux Huawei E220

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Sun May 4 07:36:04 GMT 2008

Michael Cohen wrote:
> Hi Hal,
> I also use the Huawei 220 with 3. I am also using both ubuntu and
> debian with it with kernel 2.6.24 and 2.6.22 respectively. I found
> that I need to remove the sr_mod.ko module (or rename it) to force the
> kernel to not load it. It seems that the huawei device looks like a
> usb cdrom. If the kernel detects it as such I get a hard lockup
> guaranteed within downloading between 5mb to 20mb and often even
> sooner. There seem to be some interaction between the sr_mod module
> and the usb_serial. This has been the case since at least kernel
> 2.6.18. Interestingly kernels 2.6.18 to about 2.6.21 didn't work at
> all because it seems the usb serial was redesigned at that stage.
> Although it does work in the end, this gets annoying because I cant
> use my cdrom at the same time as the modem. Does anyone else
> experience this? BTW I dont think its hardware related because it saw
> this on at least 3 different systems.
Hello Michael,
I haven't experienced this. The modem does get mounted autmagically 
under /media/VIRGIN or similar with no issues.
Are you using the "option" usb serial driver? This will also pull in 
usbserial, I recall reading that if one isn't using option that 
usb-storage can get in the way, which sort of sounds like a similar problem.
I use a kernel.org 2.6.22 kernel with sid and kernel.org 2.6.24 with 
etch. I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything too funky with the sources 
of either that would make any difference here. (Only some trivial 
changes to try and get a usb dvb card working.)

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