[clug] Virgin Mobile Broadband with Linux Huawei E220

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Fri May 2 07:30:27 GMT 2008

Yep your spot on with 3.  If you start using it when your roaming its big
bucks - $1.85/meg I think.  However, when I setup my gmail syncing there is
an option in Windows Mobile 6 to not sync when your roaming which I of
course ticked.  Further in internet sharing you specify the network to
connect to and if disconnected it won't roam and re-connect to the roaming
network.  Basically, I have never incurred any roaming data call costs -



2008/5/2 Hal Ashburner <hal.ashburner at gmail.com>:

> Grant Morphett wrote:
> > As I said I'm with 3.  I have a mobile plan with them and the mobile
> > supports HSDPA so I have signed up to an XSeries plan.  500MB for
> > $20/month.  It means I get internet both through my phone (good for
> email)
> > and my laptop when I connect my mobile to my laptop.  I only browse the
> web
> > and do emails during work hours so 500MB/month is just enough.  I have
> > at home for everything else.
> >
> > 3 also do a 1Gig $20/month plan too with an external USB modem and you
> can
> > scale up from there in terms of gigage.
> > If you can get good 3 reception the service is ok.  I find that the
> coverage
> > isn't stunning especially inside buildings.  I haven't used other
> providers
> > so its hard to compare however for the premium you pay for Telstra I
> would
> > hope both their coverage and service would be significantly improved.
>  If
> > not I would just go with 3 as its cheaper.  Remember with 3 there is no
> > regional coverage.
> >
> 3 set you a trap, their network is small and if you automagically roam
> away from them (to telstra?) the price increases to something insane
> that will hurt you very deeply. This can happen in an area that three
> claim to cover. I consider that this a dishonest business practice. The
> pricing differential does not reflect their cost differential in any
> way. It is done to extract large amounts of money from the unwary. I
> will have nothing whatever to do with 3 or any company that sets such
> traps for those who don't have the time or the cynicism to go looking
> for them. And yes I know about half of all ISPs do it. :-(
> Avoid 3 until they start behaving, say I.
> > I believe Vodafone are offering 5Gb for $39/month at the moment.  No
> idea
> > what that's like.
> >
> Virgin do the same price, slightly lower early cancellation fee and the
> network is optus. Virgin is now fully owned by optus and is simply their
> "budget brand" With the configuration listed earlier in this thread I
> seem to get 600 kb/s down. (Works well as my home ISP by plugging it
> into an ASUS WL500gP router, which you may be aware ships with linux
> installed on a broadcom mips cpu, and is fully hackable and upgradeable
> for around $100. http://koppel.cz/cdmawifi/download/167/ is where you'll
> find the relevant firmware. Easy web interface to upgrade the firmware,
> good community, in short a lovely, lovely thing.)
> Price on these mobile data services seems to be dropping so you should
> note that the plan you get today will probably seem expensive in 6
> months time, but you'll be locked into it for 24 months.
> Likewise. And as a clug n00b I'm not sure how welcome such discussion is
> on this list, if I've guessed wrong I apologise (and a heads up would be
> appreciated :-) )
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