[clug] available: PIII with scsi hard drive, other misc.

Drew Parsons Drew.Parsons at anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 24 00:03:24 GMT 2008

I have a 1GHz Pentium III box available.  384MB ram, 18GB scsi hard
drive, ethernet card.  Good enough specs to do something useful with,
which I haven't been, so maybe someone else can get better utility out
of it.

Free to a good home.  Includes CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse.

While I'm cleaning out the cupboard, I also have 
- a RAM stick (IBM 19K4656, SDRAM 512MB @ 133MHz)
- an old 4GB laptop hard drive (if I can find where I put it)
- USB CD writer (speed 4x)
- UPS unit which needs some kind of fuse repairs
- worn out cordless phone/speakerphone
If any hardware tinkerers are interested, any of them are yours. Get'em
before the tip does.


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