[clug] Sendmail configuration

Neill Cox neill at ingenious.com.au
Wed Mar 19 22:48:58 GMT 2008

Hi Deepan,

This is an anti-spam measure specifically designed to stop people  
sending mail from machines like yours (it's not a very effective ant- 
spam measure, but that's another discussion).

To get around it you will need an email address with a domain that  
resolves through DNS.  You might be able to just use your ISP issued  
email address, but you would probably be better of registering your  
own domain.  There are some very cheap .com registrars - around $10/ 
year or less.

Once you have got a domain to use you need to look at PHP's mail  
configuration - you need to tell the mail function what address to use.

Have a look at http://au.php.net/mail

Last time I had to do this I actually couldn't get the built in mail  
function to work with a from address.  I ended up using the pear mail  
package instead.  I had to use the SMTP factory option to get it all  
to work, but that probably says more about my PHP skills than anything  
else.  The pear package is at http://pear.php.net/package/Mail


On 20/03/2008, at 9:08 AM, Deepan wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am using sendmail via php mail function to send
> emails. However few servers reject my mails with
> the error 'Sender address rejected: Domain not
> found', since mails from my server are sent as
> email at localhost.localdomain. How do I change this
> to a valid domain name ? We only own a public IP.
> we dont really have a domain name, is it possible
> to use IP ?
> Regards
> Deepan
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