[clug] Call for XO owners

Simon Pascal Klein klepas at klepas.org
Wed Mar 19 01:15:31 GMT 2008

Hey all,

On April 2 I'll be doing a presentation in the morning at the Rotary  
Sunrise meeting, highlighting the educational aims and direct benefits  
that the OLPC project brings to both developing and developed countries.

Pia and Jeff are hoping to make it and plan to be bringing their XOs,  
which is awesome (they're planning on saying a few things on OLCP  
Australia as well), but I would love some more for the event just to  
demo and circulate amongst the audience.

Is there anyone else in Canberra who has an XO that I could borrow for  
one morning? Please drop me a line or give me a ring on 0404 223 699;  
you'd have it back at the end of the day. :)



Simon Pascal Klein
Concept designer

(w) http://klepas.org
(e) klepas at klepas.org

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