[clug] PSIG; and tvguide.org.au and its new xmltv grabber

Simon Pascal Klein klepas at klepas.org
Fri Mar 14 00:20:43 GMT 2008

On 14/03/2008, at 10:17 AM, Paul Wayper wrote:

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> Hi people,
> Well, the new venue worked out quite well.  We had about 14 people  
> turn up,
> and the rooms are very nice and much better for both presenter and  
> audience.
> Michael's presentation was also keenly followed with much  
> questioning of
> technical issues.  Finally at about 9PM (perhaps a little late) we  
> made our
> way to Woodstock where, for a grand total of $11 per person on  
> average, we ate
> and drank and made merry.

Glad it worked out; PSIG is most welcome to use the room.

And next time I'll join you guys for a coffee at Essen and write a  
cron job to update automatically or something. :)


> I mentioned to another Paul at the PSIG meeting about problems with  
> the
> tvguide.org.au xmltv grabber for MythTV, and promised a brief run- 
> down on list
> about this for other people.  Basically, the OzTiVo TV guide source at
> tvguide.org.au has changed over from a script based delivery system  
> which was
> bringing the server to its knees to a precompiled day format.  This  
> requires a
> completely new grabber which can be downloaded from
> http://web.aanet.com.au/auric/ or you can check it out from my  
> Subversion
> repository at svn://tangram.dnsalias.net/tv_grab_oztivo/trunk/ if  
> you want an
> easier way to keep up to date.
> You will also need to change your config file over; a command line  
> option to
> tv_grab_au_oztivo will generate a new config file called
> ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_au_oztivo.xml (a bit of a misnomer because it's  
> very bad
> XML).  You then need to fill in your username and password  
> (obviously), list
> the stations you want to download in the <stations> section, and  
> list the
> mapping between station and XMLTV-ID in MythTV in the <xmltvidmap>  
> section.
> Please ask me if this isn't enough detail to get going :-)
> Have fun,
> Paul
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