[clug] PSIG; and tvguide.org.au and its new xmltv grabber

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Mar 13 23:17:12 GMT 2008

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Hi people,

Well, the new venue worked out quite well.  We had about 14 people turn up,
and the rooms are very nice and much better for both presenter and audience.
Michael's presentation was also keenly followed with much questioning of
technical issues.  Finally at about 9PM (perhaps a little late) we made our
way to Woodstock where, for a grand total of $11 per person on average, we ate
and drank and made merry.

I mentioned to another Paul at the PSIG meeting about problems with the
tvguide.org.au xmltv grabber for MythTV, and promised a brief run-down on list
about this for other people.  Basically, the OzTiVo TV guide source at
tvguide.org.au has changed over from a script based delivery system which was
bringing the server to its knees to a precompiled day format.  This requires a
completely new grabber which can be downloaded from
http://web.aanet.com.au/auric/ or you can check it out from my Subversion
repository at svn://tangram.dnsalias.net/tv_grab_oztivo/trunk/ if you want an
easier way to keep up to date.

You will also need to change your config file over; a command line option to
tv_grab_au_oztivo will generate a new config file called
~/.xmltv/tv_grab_au_oztivo.xml (a bit of a misnomer because it's very bad
XML).  You then need to fill in your username and password (obviously), list
the stations you want to download in the <stations> section, and list the
mapping between station and XMLTV-ID in MythTV in the <xmltvidmap> section.

Please ask me if this isn't enough detail to get going :-)

Have fun,

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