[clug] Hard Disk selector - Any commercial variants?

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 07:59:36 GMT 2008


>  With external SATA, the problem eases - it is supposed to be 'hot
>  swapable', but I've never played with SATA.
>  Anyone know about m'boards settings for booting off SATA - especially
>  external SATA?

AFAIK hotplugging is in the SATA spec and is not specific to eSATA.
The problem is that many manufacturers cut corners on their SATA
controller chips and neglect to add the required support (/me idly
curses VIA).

>  [I'm guessing that e-SATA only comes as a PCI card.  Anyone know of SATA
>  to e-SATA adaptors?]

My eSATA enclosure (Cooler Master) came with one. Since the protocol
is identical the adapters are pretty simple (though the voltage is
less - I'd say the Cooler Master is designed to take either possible
voltage or there is a transformer somewhere in that adapter...).

Interestingly, I also have a SATA PCI card with one external port -
but it's just a regular SATA port. Damn thing doesn't seem to support
hotplug either.


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