[clug] Ripped off

Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Mon Mar 3 06:17:26 GMT 2008

On Mon, 3 Mar 2008, Chris Smart wrote:

> The website is registered through http://www.enetica.com.au and I can
> get the business name (which doesn't exist on http://abr.gov.au anymore,
> btw), contact name, etc details from a whois. There is a tech handle
> listed as 1172380082 - I thought I could search this on aunic.net but
> I'm not having much joy.


fwiw.  May or may not be the same company.

Don't forget that you do have various government agencies that should be 
looking after your interests.  May or may not be worth your time chasing 
it for $500.

> Chris

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