[clug] F/OSS Alternatives

Ben Chaplin wombat at chapmac.com
Sat Jun 28 08:18:43 GMT 2008

Ah, gEDA is niiice.  That makes me very happy.  Thanks everyone!

I'll check out the maths software next time I need it.  It's mostly for
simple statistics, linear algebra, least squares regression, etc so I
don't need anything particularly powerful.

Galculator is also quite nice, and to Brad: the reason I want one is for
when I don't have my HP to hand ;-P


Francis Whittle wrote:
> I've used GNU Octave for the sort of thing you can use matlab for, which
> it *mostly* covers (but not entirely).   Another one to look into for
> mathematics is GNU R, which is really more a programming language for
> mathematics.
> For SPICE type stuff, you should probably start with the gEDA project,
> http://www.geda.seul.org/
> For RPN calculators you can't go past Galculator
> http://galculator.sourceforge.net/
> Cheers,
> Francis

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