[clug] Syntax-highlighting source code editors

Richard Lemon richard at codelemon.com
Fri Jun 27 03:39:24 GMT 2008

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> Subject: [clug] Syntax-highlighting source code editors
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> What source code editors do people use that do syntax-highlighting?
> I need to be able to handle Borland Pascal (Delphi).
> Would like PERL and HTML as well and be able to write a 'lua' or 'tcl'
> syntax as well.
> Do I have to go to 'Eclipse'?
> Have never embraced (X)e-macs.
> Not averse to it if it is *the* way to go.
> And I haven't explored 'vim's ability in this area.
> I did once download a vim extension for something... Just can't  
> remember
> things like I once could :-) I understand I may have to RTFM.
> Platform is Linux initially.
> If it works really well, OS/X too.
> And any recommendations for the Wonderful World of Windows would be
> appreciated - but not high priority just now...
> Thanks in Advance.
> s

Hi Steve,

I use a lot of different editors for different jobs, but for the  
multipurpose, multi-platform and multi-language stuff I use jEdit.

It works on anything with a JVM (within reason) and has syntax  
highlighting for about 50 languages (I use it for lua a lot).

The syntax highlighting definitions are in XML files and easy to add  
to I added PLM96 as a language for a particular job.

My favorite thing is that it saves me having to remember different key  
bindings every time I change OS.


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