[clug] F/OSS Alternatives

Ben Chaplin wombat at chapmac.com
Thu Jun 26 14:33:39 GMT 2008

Since the OS X thread got derailed into a "proprietary software is  
evil" thread (as is only right on a LUG mailing list!), I've been  
thinking about what my linux experience lacks.

I would like F/OSS alternatives to the following:
* PSPICE (electronics analysis)
* Maple (Maths)
* Matlab (Maths)

Maple and Matlab aren't all that important but I'd love an alternative  

Also, can anyone recommend a nice RPN calculator?  There are times  
when I find dc a little bit frustrating, so something with buttons  
that I can click would be nice.  I feel so dirty asking for graphical  
software when there's a perfectly good command line program, but oh  


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