[clug] Off topic: OS/X USB boot device for 'normal' PC'S

Daniel Rose drose at nla.gov.au
Thu Jun 26 02:13:02 GMT 2008

Robert Edwards wrote:
> I just wanted to wade in and support what Neill and Hugh (and some
> others) have already stated, which is not so off-topic a discussion
> for us to have.
> Fact: Apple own the rights to MacOS/X (and lots of other software).
> As FOSS adherents, we need to acknowledge that.
> Fact: Apple clearly don't want MacOS/X running on hardware they didn't
> make/brand/label - the wording in the license may be a little weak,
> but their intention is clear enough.
> Fact: this list is about Linux and FOSS, which MacOS/X clearly isn't
> (some have tried to convince me that it is "based on *BSD" - so what?).
> So, we shouldn't really be discussing ways of by-passing Apples rights
> to restrict the use of their software. Instead, as Hugh has already
> invited us to do, we should be looking at what FOSS alternatives exist
> for Apple proprietry software and also be promoting the many fine
> pieces of FOSS that do run on MacOSX.
> Anyway, that's my point of view. And I don't really think it is all
> that relevant "what the vast majority of computer users want to do"
> (sorry for quoting you, Michael). What is relevant is how we, as FOSS
> users and advocates, treat and respect others rights to their licensed
> software as we would hope that they would respect our rights to use
> the various OSS licenses for the software we develop and use.

Exactly; that's one reason why windows (and office) pricing should be mentioned early, loudly and often!

Incidentally, Vista's EULA prohibits use in a VM, apparently only Windows Vista Business and Ultimate may be virtualised.

Daniel Rose
National Library of Australia

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