[clug] Off topic: OS/X USB boot device for 'normal' PC'S

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 10:11:57 GMT 2008

> I think
> this is a great illustration of why pretty much all proprietary software is
> evil.

Ah, to see the world in such Black and White terms.

I wonder what the worldwide balance between proprietary and
non-proprietary software is, and further, what proportion of software
users care about the difference. I reckon that most people are as
aware of the OS running their desktop PC as they are of the OS running
their web mail or pR0n site or mobile phone or their car. (hint: don't
know, don't care).

IMHO the vast majority of computer users just want to do the thing
they use the computer for; read mail, read web sites, watch videos,
maybe compose a document or two, print stuff out, load their iPod with
DRM infested tunes or (gasp) stolen tunes. Everything else is so far
outside their sphere of concern as to be invisible. All that 'Free
Software' stuff is for geeks and freaks.

Is it evil to make money catering to those people?

I look to P.T. Barnum for inspiration. He considered it his duty to
part fools from their money.


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