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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Jun 25 02:27:08 GMT 2008

Neill Cox wrote on 25/6/08 12:08 PM:

Well put - I think that a complete and precise description of the
legals. I comes down to individual ethics/action.

If Apple (or Microsoft) offered their products at "reasonable" prices,
most, but not all, people who violate the licence restrictions would
simply pay. If your company is addicted to insane profits, then you
fight everyone to keep the status quo.

Similar case: Copyright on digital-format songs.
If the Music Giants (not the recording artists) sold music & videos
on-line at a cost closer to the underlying costs, then fewer people
would pirate.

> The license actually says "Apple-labeled computer". I think a lawyer would
> interpret that as a computer labeled by Apple, not some random piece of
> hardware with an Apple sticker.
> I can't see Apple coming after you for doing this, just as individuals tend
> to get away with making illegal copies of Windows, but is this something
> F/OSS advocates should be suggesting?  Don't we have enough people who
> already think that we're all pirates and/or communists?  If we expect other
> to respect our licenses, shouldn't we reciprocate?
> Cheers,
> Neill

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