[clug] Off topic: OS/X USB boot device for 'normal' PC'S

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Wed Jun 25 01:54:24 GMT 2008

Hi Ian,

On 25/06/2008, at 11:42 AM, Ian wrote:
> Hmmm interesting... Doesn't this breach Apple's license agreement
> somehow (though I don't feel like reading the fine print now to
> check)?
> I know the license in the latest server edition permits it to be
> virtualised (not that many virtualisation packages can actually
> virtualise it), but other than that I didn't think it was permitted to
> run it on anything that wasn't made out of Apple's white plastic soap.

The license says that OSX must be run on "Apple branded hardware".

So you grab one of those nice Apple stickers, and plonk it on your  
This satisfies the licensing requirement perfectly.
If that was not what Apple meant/intended, they should rephrase their  
licensing text ;-)
In the mean time, it should jive.

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