[clug] Using Lenovo Win-XP in (ubuntu) VM

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Jun 25 00:39:05 GMT 2008

steve jenkin wrote on 24/6/08 11:54 AM:

Thanks to everyone who replied and all your very useful links and
detailed information. I'm very grateful/impressed at how quickly you all
responded - thanks.

I've learnt that I have a 'Pentium M' and it doesn't include Intels'
"VT", which is necessary to run Windows via XEN (my preference).
The real answer to what I'd like to do: Get new hardware :-)

The information on Windows keys and licences was pretty depressing.
Not sure where I go next with that :-(

I believe VirtualBox is based on QEMU. I don't have a reason why it was
so much slower than VMware. I will have to redo the test with QEMU.

Something new I've discovered: For ~$50 I can get 'Parallels' for Linux.
The same product that's become the standard for virtualisation on OS/X.

WINE/CrossOver is getting better all the time. They've just released
'Wine 1.0' after 12 years. Maybe it'll be the go in the future.

Thanks again to everyone.

> <snip>
> My questions:
>  - Does anyone actually run something like this?
>  - Does anyone run Delphi under WINE or CrossOver?
>    My experience with the Borland's Kylix was dismal.
>  - How do I create a VM from the physical partition?
>    - I couldn't see how to do this under VirtualBox.
>    - I'm not sure if VMware Server can do this.
>    - Perhaps using VMware player to run an image created
>      under the Workstation trial might work.
>    - Do any of the XEN versions support this?
>  - Is there somewhere I can get hold of Win-XP media free/cheap?
>    The laptop comes with a (valid?) license key.
>  - Are there any other VM's or solutions I should be considering?
> regards
> steve

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