[clug] Using Lenovo Win-XP in (ubuntu) VM

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Jun 24 09:41:11 GMT 2008

steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> writes:

> [My question is at the end, sorry for the long ramble in front]
> Last year I bought a Lenovo T43 (from Domanye). [80Gb disk, 1Gb RAM,
> 1.8Ghz CPU] Specifically bought a non-Vista machine.
> Came with Win-XP, which gives me a place to run 'Industry Standard'
> packages/programs. Loaded Ubuntu (7.04?) and made it dual-boot - I'd
> like it be to 'secure' and have a functional interface!
> The system isn't supplied with Win-XP media (licence key for 'WIn XP
> Pro' is attached).  It is possible to make a single copy of "IBM Rescue
> and Recovery" disks.

Correct.  It also came with a license that explicitly makes it illegal
to run it on any hardware other than the raw laptop hardware.  This is,
in part, how Lenovo keep their inexpensive license from Microsoft, and
how Microsoft punish people like you who don't run it as a bare metal
OS -- you get to pay the $800 or whatever the retail cost is for a
*second* copy.


> Rather than dual-boot, I'd like to run Win-XP in a VM under Ubuntu.

You can't, using the OS that came with your laptop.


> What's problematic with VMware (and VirtualBox) is I don't have Win-XP
> media, though I can use the licence key on the sticker.

No, you can't.  That is an OEM license, requiring a specific release of
XP to work with.  The retail box product, which incidentally would also
be illegal for you to install from a copy of, even using your key, will
simply refuse to work with it.


>  - Is there somewhere I can get hold of Win-XP media free/cheap?
>    The laptop comes with a (valid?) license key.

Absolutely not.  Windows licenses are not transferable, so you cannot
purchase a second hand copy.  You also cannot (legally) use the license
key with any install media other than the copy supplied with the key.

Have you ever wondered /why/ so many people pirate the OS?  This is a
large part of it.  Within the bounds of the law you are, as the saying
goes, over the barrel.


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