[clug] Free to a good home Sparcstation 5 (aka Sun Pizza Box)

Chris Wallis chris.wallis at c-tek.org
Tue Jun 24 02:39:18 GMT 2008

Hey there all


I have a SPARCstation 5 in working order with monitor and peripherals
(including a tape drive(not really that useful)). Currently has Debian Woody
installed on it. Unable to provide Solaris media as I have lost the media.
Still overall a useful bit of kit and could be a great introduction for
someone to a non x86 architecture that is a bit out of the norm (eg not


Anyhow give us a call for pick up over the next few days looking to unload
it before Thursday as I am leaving to Melbourne.


Call 0403783638

Chris Wallis


First in best dressed!

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