[clug] Using Lenovo Win-XP in (ubuntu) VM

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Jun 24 01:54:35 GMT 2008

[My question is at the end, sorry for the long ramble in front]

Last year I bought a Lenovo T43 (from Domanye). [80Gb disk, 1Gb RAM,
1.8Ghz CPU]
Specifically bought a non-Vista machine.

Came with Win-XP, which gives me a place to run 'Industry Standard'
packages/programs. Loaded Ubuntu (7.04?) and made it dual-boot - I'd
like it be to 'secure' and have a functional interface!

The system isn't supplied with Win-XP media (licence key for 'WIn XP
Pro' is attached).  It is possible to make a single copy of "IBM Rescue
and Recovery" disks.
The first one seems to be a stripped down version of Winders to boot and
load the recovery disk - like 'BART', the other(s) seems to be a
non-bootable Windows install disk.

I'm starting a project where I need to run Delphi - using the WINE
version under linux is not an option, I have to run this natively under
'Windows'. [Though if anyone has good experience of Delphi under
'CrossOver', I'm interested in hearing!  ~$50 is acceptable.]

Rather than dual-boot, I'd like to run Win-XP in a VM under Ubuntu.

I loved Michaels' post on SUN's VirtualBox and downloaded and tested
that. The performance on my laptop is glacial :-(
I downloaded VMware Player, Server and Workstation (30-day trial).
Performance is acceptable, so it isn't just a crap laptop.

What's problematic with VMware (and VirtualBox) is I don't have Win-XP
media, though I can use the licence key on the sticker.

I'm yet to explore XEN. There seems to be a free server version for
download. The Citrix site implies that I can run Windows under XEN - but
is that the free one?

My preference is to not spend anything to create a VM.
If I really have to, I'll spend soemthing. The ~$500, IIRC, for VMware
workstation is my absolute last preference, but if there is absolutely
no other way I'll consider it.

My questions:
 - Does anyone actually run something like this?

 - Does anyone run Delphi under WINE or CrossOver?
   My experience with the Borland's Kylix was dismal.

 - How do I create a VM from the physical partition?
   - I couldn't see how to do this under VirtualBox.
   - I'm not sure if VMware Server can do this.
   - Perhaps using VMware player to run an image created
     under the Workstation trial might work.
   - Do any of the XEN versions support this?

 - Is there somewhere I can get hold of Win-XP media free/cheap?
   The laptop comes with a (valid?) license key.

 - Are there any other VM's or solutions I should be considering?


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