[clug] Linux Security, a follow up and a Wordpress Question

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Jun 18 10:22:09 GMT 2008

G'Day again List Members

My thanks again to all who responded to my questions on tunneled SSH and 
Security issues.  Some time on the phone last evening yielded the 
ability for me to now logon to the Wagga family's linux box and execute 
a few command line processes.  So if it all goes pear shaped, I have 
some chance to get things back on the rails without the now very 
expensive drive to Wagga.  Up to now, I have not been successful in 
getting OpenVPN working but this is more an issue in my understanding 
than anything so i'll keep chipping away at it.

On another topic, if I can beg the lists indulgence.  I had a free 
afternoon today and embarked on the  process of setting  up a LAMP 
server and "Wordpress".  All went well and I now have a working web 
server and Wordpress.  Now, I'm not sure if I am missing something in 
the myriad of "How To's" and advise available on the web but I am able 
to either access Wordpress from any pc on my home network (an Intranet) 
or externally from the internet, but not both.  It appears to me that 
Wordpress is designed to be hosted by external hosting services and 
doesn't lend itself to being hosted from a home based web server 
providing access from both sides of a router.  My question to the 
collected wisdom of the list is....

Does hosting Wordpress on a home based web server limit usage to either 
access from the internet or from an Intranet or is there away to achieve 
access from both pathways???

My regards to all

A slightly confused, Ian Bardsley

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