[clug] Linux Webcam

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Mon Jun 16 01:30:17 GMT 2008


> So I'd like a really, really nice webcam that works well on linux.

I bought one of these:


Image quality is great, and the camera can jpeg-encode in hardware. 
Auto-focus is neat too.

It uses uses the USB Video Class (UVC), so you don't need any 
camera-specific driver. Therefore, it'll work with any OS that supports 
UVC devices. Under Linux (with the linux-uvc pacakge) it just appears 
as a v4l2 device. You may want to check that whatever program you'd 
like to use can do v4l2 though.

Steven Hanley has mentioned the Quickcam 9000, which looks like it uses 
UVC too.

(also, it's kinda neat to support products that work with existing 
specifications, rather than using their own crackpot protocols)



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