[clug] Linux Webcam

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Sun Jun 15 23:04:17 GMT 2008

Hal wrote: 
> Hey there Clug,
> So I'd like a really, really nice webcam that works well on 
> linux. I've heard that the Apple iSight is the bees knees but 
> they don't seem to make it anymore. So I thought I'd ask, how 
> does one go about selecting a webcam (or more generally, any 
> new funky hardware) so that it will work with linux?
> Mapping drivers from the kernel to actual models you can buy 
> seems somewhat difficult. I have some sort of rubbishy 
> logitec quickam $something that doesn't work that I bought a 
> few years ago that doesn't work to prove it (or at least 
> prove my general inadequacy and ignornace). Any thoughts?

If it's of any value, the camera in the Eee PC works perfectly under
Linux though I think it's only 1.5MP. I have an HP Pavillion laptop with
a built-in webcam and it, too, works very well.

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