[clug] Linux Security

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 11:49:20 GMT 2008

> Just an update for all on my original post,  I decided to have a go at
> setting up tunneled SSH from Wagga to my desktop as a way to learn the
> processes involved and as of a couple of evenings ago, my Wagga based family
> were able to logon to my desktop and copy a file.  This for me is a
> milestone!

Good good! :)

I don't think it has been mentioned yet but one other thing that will
make your life a bit easier is dyndns so that then you can just do

   ssh -p 2234 admindood at waggakids.selfip.com

This is presuming that like most ADSL users they do not have a static
IP. As for vnc, I use this all the time in a very similar situation to
what you describe and it works fine. Of course it wont help you when
you do something like a distro upgrade much but that is a hurdle you
will have to cross when you get to it! ..

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