[clug] Future CLUG talk

David Adams u2552331 at anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 12 09:42:09 GMT 2008

Hey guys,

I've been thinking about giving a talk in a couple of months at one of 
the CLUG meetings regarding the recent advances in Wine, specifically in 
relation to games and gaming. I've never given a talk at a CLUG before, 
nor have I attended very many meetings (two, in fact!), but since I 
haven't quite graduated yet and am probably going to be quite bored this 
holidays I think this might be one way to amuse myself (plus brush up on 
things like Vista).

I was going to do side-by-side comparisons of a handful of Windows games 
running in Windows XP, Windows Vista Home Basic (It's all I have a 
license for, unfortunately; came with the laptop) and Ubuntu Hardy Heron 
via Wine. I'm going to try to stick to default settings as much as 
possible here, which means games like Call of Duty 4 (which run fine if 
you compile your own version of Wine and patch it) will not be tested. I 
want to keep this as simple as possible, much like end-users do; if it 
won't work with minimal fuss on a default Hardy Heron wine, I'm probably 
not going to test it. While that massively disadvantages Windows, we 
*are* trying to run Windows applications on a Linux base- so I think 
that's fair.

Right of the top of my head, the games I'm considering displaying are:

- World of Warcraft
- Call of Duty 2
- Quake 3 (old favorite... plus there's a native Linux port so we can 
- Whatever takes my fancy.

I'll also throw in a few benchmark programs. Specifically:

- Aquamark 3
- Some version of 3D Mark.

The presentation would probably be half an hour or slightly more and 
would probably consist of a Powerpoint Slideshow of Doom with heaps of 
screenshots, graphs, etc.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding this?



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