[clug] [FOR SALE] KVM, UPS, firewall-server box, and other bits [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Rousak, Boris Boris.Rousak at innovation.gov.au
Wed Jun 11 05:47:02 GMT 2008

Due to impending relocation, the following items are up for grabs - all
prices negotiable:
KVM - supports 3 devices (actually up 8 but I only have cables for 3)
UPS - supports 3 devices
My firewall/web/mail server with the following specs:
CPU: Intel Celeron 267MHz
RAM: 384 mb
HD: 6 GB, internal, IDE 
CDROM: 40x
Video: S3 Trio 64 v2 - with 8mb onboard memory
Sound: ESS Technologies
USB: 2x USB ports
Network: 2x pci 10/100 - the system is currently configured as a network
SCSI controller: Adaptec AHA-2940U, the controller has room to support
additional SCSI HDs, and there is plenty of room in the case to install
SCSI DDS2 Tape drive: internal
KVM + UPS + Server - $90
2 x ethernet switches: one is 6 port and the other 8 port: $20 each or
$35 for both
1 x P4 CPU with heat sync and a bottle of thermal paste - $30
A number of SD RAM sticks - ranging in size between 128MB and 256 MB -
$40 for the lot, or feel free to select what you would like
1 x external ZIP drive - free to a good home
A couple of ink-jet printers - free to a good home
A number of cables: internal power, SATA, IDE etc - free to a good home
Discounts for buying several item - as I need to get this stuff out the
door before we move.
Please contact me off the list if you are interested.

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