[clug] Re: Prepaid 3G Internet? (Was: Short term 3G internet?)

Sunnz sunnzy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 02:34:12 GMT 2008

2008/6/9 Anthony Crook <Anthony.Crook at accesseconomics.com.au>:
> Hi,
>   I checked out the '3' deal. If you supply your own modem then you can sign up for an $x per month plan and stop it whenever you like. Effectively making it a pre-paid plan with an up-front modem cost ($200?).

The thing is that you will need to use the internet within that
month... where as with mobile phone prepaid plans I think your credits
expires after 6 months...

It would probably work out for people who know when they are going to
need it, and they only need it for a few month not like continously
for the whole year.

By the way does anyone know how does the modem work? Does it let you
do a PPPoE from your computer over the 3G network, and connect to the
net? If that's the case then it wouldn't act as a NAT firewall as most
people are used to with their routers right?

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