[clug] Subversive "windows" linux/ubuntu machine.

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Thu Jul 31 03:58:05 GMT 2008

Hi Andrew

If you build the windows VM up, then log in normally, right click on "My 
Computer", select "remote", then put a tick in "allow users to connect 
remotely to this computer", users can then use the tsclient software in 
linux to "log in" to the machine, and with suitable settings, it 
presents itself as a fullscreen session. I've done this at a client site 
where I've put a XP vm on their ESX cluster, and I can essentially 
hotdesk anywhere in the organization that has either the windows RDP 
client, or will boot a suitably handrolled live CD.

Downside is, you can't do the VDI stuff with multiple people on one 
machine, as the XP version of remote desktop only likes one user logged 
in at a time, but this does allow you to do anything you need interms of 
suspending+backups, etc.

Andrew Janke wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a number of "PC/Windows People" in the lab here.  They don't
> do much beyond office/IE/stata. I also run a cfengine managed ubuntu
> based cluster that is composed of a bunch of quad core Intel machines
> and a couple of dual quad xeons downstairs.  We need a new "peecee
> person" machine and as such am wondering how I might subvert this
> process to my own needs.
> I am thinking quad core machine running Ubuntu (same as all the rest)
> but presenting to all the world as a Windows XP machine (due to vista
> virtualisation problems).  In the past I have achieved this via
> installing windows on the thing and then running a stripped down no-X
> ubuntu virtual "appliance" via the free vmware player that starts and
> runs in the background and configures itself as needs be. Now I am
> thinking of doing it the other way.
> ie: Install Ubuntu as per normal, install VirtualBox (Now SUN
> VirtualBox), install XP in virtualbox, create local user account that
> auto logs in on boot with precious few privledges and then autostarts
> the VirtualBox XP thingo in either seamless mode and/or fullscreen.
> Best part is that then I can checkpoint/save the XP thing whenever I
> want in case someone decides to try to break it.
> Anyone have any clues on the best way to do this?  Is there a better way?
> FWIW the ubuntu machine does not need X for my purposes (biomed
> cluster computing) but perhaps I can use this technique to encourage a
> bit of migration in the lab from the ubuntu-phobes when they realise
> that everything they need is already there.  If the XP thing is run in
> seamless mode (very cool BTW) then this should work well.
> ta

Steve Walsh
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