[clug] krandr multiple monitor woes

Doug Palmer Doug.Palmer at csiro.au
Tue Jul 29 23:28:37 GMT 2008

I've been given a sparkly new Dell laptop with an intel 945GM video chip 
capable of 1440x900. I've also been given a docking station and a Dell 
2208wfp monitor capable of 1680x1050. I've installed Suse 11.0 and am 
trying to get everything to play together.

Without krandr, and with  things set in Sax to 1440x900, things seem to 
default to 1280x1024. This is too big and too small for the laptop 
screen and gives a wierd aspect ratio to the external screen. I've tried 
various dual head configurations without any luck.

krandr seems to ignore any settings and settle on 1024x768, which 
appears to be what it thinks is acceptable on both screens.

What I would like is to have things 1440x900 when I'm not docked and 
turn off the laptop screen and use 1680x1050 when I dock. I can't see 
how to do this. Any suggestions gratefully received.


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