[clug] IPv6 Australia?

Jack Kelly endgame.dos at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 06:53:09 GMT 2008

Peter Barker wrote:
> I'm looking forward to ipv6, or something like it.  I've only just set 
> up ekiga on my desktop here, and on my parent's machine down in Barham - 
> it lets them see (very small) moving pictures of their descendants... 
> Thing is - currently we need to use a "stun" server.  I haven't found a 
> free
> STUN server in Australia yet, so we're going via the states - 300ms 
> latency.  It's entirely possible I may be able to get around this with 
> suitable application of port-forwarding, packet rewriting, aadvark blood 
> and time.  NOT having to do it, rather just allowing the desktops to be 
> addressed would be *far* preferable AFAICS.  (aside: I could also go 
> back to playing with asterisk, I guess...)

Perhaps Hamachi 
(https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/vpn.asp?lang=en) will be 
useful here? I know it's great for gaming.

-- Jack

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