[clug] IPv6 Australia?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Jul 25 04:12:09 GMT 2008

Michael Still wrote:
> Robert Edwards wrote:
>> We'll wait and see how "strictly" adhered to the hierarchical routing
>> scheme really ends up. I am not so sure. The so-called "massive routing
>> tables" of IPv4 aren't all that massive these days, with CIDR and other
>> policies having reduced the potential number of entries. In any case,
>> it is not an issue for most people and those who do care have solved
>> it or are using IPv6 as their backbone routing infrastructure.
> DFZ routers currently seem to carry about 2.2 BGP entries for the IPv4
> Internet. It would be interesting to know how much route aggregation
> helps reduce that number.
> Mikal

2.2 seems a little on the low side, plus I am not sure how they can have
0.2 of a routing table entry... :) Is it 2.2 million?

Bob Edwards.

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