[clug] MythTV Question

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 24 09:46:05 GMT 2008

Good evening Mikal

Thanks for responding to this.

Mythtv reports vers 0.21.20080304-1 17880

The output of mythfrontend -v  (or in the case of Mythbuntu -verbose 
debug-level is all that works) is a big fat nuthin!.  Not until "Play 
DVD" is selected is there any activity displayed in the terminal window.

Since posting this last evening however, I discovered that FSTAB didn't 
have an entry in it for the cdrom device in question and having made an 
entry I now get the DVD autostarting but I also get a message stating 
that the device could not be mounted.  The plot thickens me thinks.  I 
would certainly appreciate some guidance an the potential cause of this 
mystery as well.

Thanks again for your interest


Ian Bardsley

Michael Still wrote:
> Ian Bardsley wrote:
>> Having worn out my fingers and 2 keyboards Googling this to no avail, I
>> now appeal to the collective wisdom of CLUG in search of an answer.
>> My very competent MythTV  setup has been working beautifully  for well
>> over 12 months now but no matter what I do I cannot get a DVD  to
>> autoplay.  DVDs will play fine if I select "Play DVD" from the Optical
>> Disks Menu after the disk is inserted into the drive but I get no action
>> when I insert the disk into the drive.  I have both "Play DVD on
>> Insertion" and "Monitor Optical Drive" turned on and if I insert a music
>> CD into the same drive, Mythmusic plays it automagically.
> I'd be interested in knowing what version of Myth you're running, and
> what the output of mythfrontend -vv says at the time of disc insertion.
> Mikal

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