[clug] IPv6 Australia?

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Thu Jul 24 08:38:20 GMT 2008

Michael Cohen <scudette at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes NAT is a hack - but most people use nat these days not because
> they dont have enough ip addresses, but because they want security -

Most people use NAT because they don't even know they're using it. They
just plug the boxes in the way the ISP told them. Then stuff like SIP
doesn't work right, FTP breaks (no big deal, that particular protocol
was never any good), IM clients can't do direct file transfers,
BitTorrent transfers go slow because peers can't reach them, etc.

Your idea about the security provided by NAT is a misconception. What
you're talking about is a stateful firewall, which you don't need NAT
for. NAT can also be done without a stateful firewall.

> but most people only care about HTTP these days.

Most people just care that stuff works and don't even know about HTTP.

> even smtp and pop are less
> popular, in favour of web based services like gmail.

How do you think the email gets to gmail for people to read? It doesn't
go over HTTP.
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