[clug] MythTV Question

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 23 11:36:59 GMT 2008

Hi list

Having worn out my fingers and 2 keyboards Googling this to no avail, I 
now appeal to the collective wisdom of CLUG in search of an answer.

My very competent MythTV  setup has been working beautifully  for well 
over 12 months now but no matter what I do I cannot get a DVD  to 
autoplay.  DVDs will play fine if I select "Play DVD" from the Optical 
Disks Menu after the disk is inserted into the drive but I get no action 
when I insert the disk into the drive.  I have both "Play DVD on 
Insertion" and "Monitor Optical Drive" turned on and if I insert a music 
CD into the same drive, Mythmusic plays it automagically.

Can anyone offer a reason or better yet a solution???

On another subject, are any other list members experiencing random 
system freezes after upgrading to kernel 2.6.24-19.  There appears to be 
a large number of users affected by this but I am only experiencing the 
problem on my Mythbox (Intel core duo). My desktop (AMD64) and my 
notebook (Intel core 2 duo) are unaffected.  I'm interested in any other 
experiences of the problem.

My thanks in anticipation of "Words of Wisdom"

My regards to all

Ian Bardsley

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