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Dear Canberra LUG members,

[Please forward this invitation to anyone you feel would be interested] 

This is the second last announcement about this conference.

SAGE-AU is the System Administration industry body in Australia.  The
annual Australian System Administrators' conference (SAGE-AU) is in 3 weeks
time!  Book now to secure your spot!


Key information:

        11th - 13th August:     Training Program
        14th - 15th August:     Technical Program

        Holiday Inn Adelaide
        65 Hindley Street
        South Australia

This year we have some fantastic keynote speakers:

*Tom Limoncelli* - author of "The Practice of System and Network
Administration", "Time Management for System Administrators" and "The
Complete April Fools RFCs".  Tom is the joint recipient of USENIX/SAGE's
2005 Outstanding Achievement Award and blogs at

Tom will be speaking on "System Administration and The Economics of
Plenty": Over the years IT resources (disk space, CPU, bandwidth) have gone
from being scarce to nearly infinitely plentiful. Why do our IT policies
still reflect the days of scarcity? Seeing the world in terms of "the
economics of plenty" brings about a paradigm shift that changes the way we
treat our users, manage our systems, and take care of ourselves. Believing
in the false world of scarcity leads to mistrust, secrecy and closed-source

Tom will explain the economics of plenty, how much of what we believe to be
scarce is actually plentiful, and how the open source movement benefits
when we see the world through through the paradigm of a plentiful world.
This new thinking is the philosophy behind the newly released second
edition of "The Practice of System and Network Administration"
(Addison-Wesley) by Limoncelli, Hogan and Chalup.

*Elizabeth Zwicky* - co-author of "Building Internet Firewalls" and
founding board member of BayLisa, SAGE and SAGE-AU.  Elizabeth has been
involved in system administration for more than 20 years in education,
government, and corporate environments, has worked in three countries and
two languages, and has been an author, educator, developer, manager, system
designer, and consultant.  Her specialities are internet security,
large-scale system administration, writing, and management.

Elizabeth will be speaking on "Rules of Thumb of System Administration":
Every profession accumulates some condensed wisdom, whether it's in the
form of Zen koans or laws of engineering. This presentation is a tour
through the condensed wisdom of system administration, in the form of pithy
sayings supported by educational stories (some of them, of course, stolen
from other professions, including Zen koans and laws of engineering).

*Simon Hackett* - founder and CEO of Internode and Agile.  Simon helped put
AARNet v1 together many moons ago. He likes making good and cool technical
things happen in the broadband space.

Simon will be speaking on the "State of the Broadband Nation": In this
session, we'll take a look at the current state of play in Australian
broadband, and see what is approaching on the horizon.

*Paul Fenwick* - managing director of Perl Training Australia and experienced
speaker at technical conferences worldwide.  His interests include
security, mycology, cycling, coffee, scuba diving, and lexically scoped
user pragmata.

Paul will be speaking on "All your brains suck - Known bugs and exploits
in wetware": Humans. As a species, we suck. The only real evolutionary
advantage we have is our brains, and by using them we've become the
dominant species on the planet. Our brains are superbly adapted for our
survival and success in the environment in which they evolved... the
African savanna 200,000 years ago.

Our brains are not-at-all suited for modern life, and are plagued by a raft
of bugs and unwanted features that we've been unable to remove. Join us in
a tour of some of the most amusing bugs and exploits wetware has to offer.

To see our training program please visit:


To see the technical program please visit:


You can help make this conference be the best system administrators'
conference ever, just by turning up and participating.  We look
forward to sharing this great conference with you.

Many thanks go to our Platinum Sponsors: Internode and Tas, our Gold
Sponsor: Ironport our Silver Sponsor: RedHat.

        Jacinta Richardson
        SAGE-AU Program Coordinator

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