[clug] Open Query training for MySQL in Canberra

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Fri Jul 18 00:13:23 GMT 2008

Hi friends,

Already scheduled for some time, but since it's a new location for  
MySQL training it's probably worth an extra mention (begging your  
indulgence). MySQL (the company) has never held a training course in  
Canberra either (I know since I was the trainer ;-) except for some  
custom stuff.

The DBA days are pretty soon already, but there are still some seats.  
You can pick individual days if you want.
For the later courses/dates you can score a $50/person/day discount by  
booking early!
Course descriptions at http://openquery.com.au/training/canberra (also  
links to booking form).

  - Mon 4 Aug: MySQL Installation, Security and User Management (AUD  
475 + GST)
  - Tue 5 Aug: MySQL Backup and Recovery (AUD 475 + GST)
  - Wed 6 Aug: MySQL InnoDB Performance Tuning (AUD 575 + GST)

MySQL HA - Next upcoming in Melbourne (October)

MySQL Developers
  - Mon 10 Nov: MySQL Optimisation by Design (AUD 475 + GST)
  - Tue 11 Nov: MySQL Storage Engine Optimisation (AUD 475 + GST)
  - Wed 12 Nov: MySQL 5.0 Upgrade and Advanced Features (AUD 575 + GST)

Is there a CLUG/SIG meeting on during any of those dates?
Somehow my Canberra visits have never coincided with CLUG meetings so  
it'd be great if I could visit this time. Happy to speak, too.

Arjen Lentz, Founder @ Open Query
Training and Expertise for MySQL in Australia and New Zealand
http://openquery.com.au/training/  (ph. +61-7-3103 0809)

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