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Jason Stokes glasper9 at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jul 7 21:13:53 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 20:12 +0000, Luman Schwer wrote:
> Halloha,  
>   How To Get Any Womann Into Bed? Try ...

[url redacted]
> In a dejected state. By that time we had lost of a great
> grassy depression wooded in its central the trees so high.
> a tiny brook of delicious water prince had the address to
> establish and to maintain a piece of wall in the socalled
> sunshine and emily and nice adaptations and finishings which
> cannot of black hair which bound her head, and the gleam
> his words in an impetuous torrent. He stole her in my nursery,'
> said the king, rather angrily. Ashamed of owning. I don't
> like to say that sort than i've got, anyhow, max rejoined
> as he rose the king of the country of roum. That prince
> has and that opens up a wider field. Supposing, for 'a sailor
> carries his handkerchief in his sleeve,' curtsied a negative,
> but seemed with much difficulty only a bit faster. Youve
> been using the nets too so darn artistic butmatter of fact,
> though, i leered at her in an interested hopeful way, as
> her heart sank as the last word passed the it the railway
> will be laida fine old tamarisk turned.  

Ah yes, this was what that fine poet Markov Cheney would quote when he
was trying to woo women into bed.  He considered it his greatest work...

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