[clug] Ubuntu at the low end

Jason Stokes glasper9 at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jul 7 12:40:25 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 09:31 +1000, Daniel Rose wrote:
> Jason Stokes wrote:
> > There's an organization called "charity computers which has branches in
> > Canberra and Brisbane: http://www.charitycomputers.com.  Charity
> > Computers provides old PCs cheaply to the unemployed, hard-off etc.
> > They pre-load versions of Windows on these PCs, and give them out to the
> > unemployed, hard-off, etc -- in fact, by admission completely illegally,
> > since the cost of the license fees from Microsoft would eclipse the cost
> > of the PC.  I don't know how they've dealt with the mandatory
> > registration requirements of XP and Vista.
> > 
> Last time I got in touch with these people they had mass volume licencing for Windows 98.
> I'm just up the road from them and they take all my toxi-- er, classic museum pieces.

Well, they've greatly improved their legal situation if that's the case.
The problem is that that is irresponsible if any of these PCs get
connected to the internet.  A windows 98 box is simply not secure, and
it will be rooted in seconds on the modern internet.  I wonder how many
of their clients are surfing with spyware and other nasties.

Really wish I could recommend the switch to Linux for those guys.  Not
sure I could on the basis of what sort of machines they are running or
who they are catering to.


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