[clug] Any Public Service organisations using Linix desktop and Open Office?

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Fri Jul 4 10:42:36 GMT 2008

Edward Lang <edlang at edlang.org> wrote:
> The reason I don't currently want a UNIX variant as desktop
> environment in the public service is that l don't want root access on
> it. Well, I do -- root access is great, because it gives me the
> ability to tinker and to install and to break and to start over again
> -- but if I have that power to build worlds on my own computer, I'm
> going to want to have that power on my corporate application's
> development, acceptance testing, stress and volume testing and
> production environments too, because then they would most closely
> resemble the environment in which I wrote my application, or how I use
> my application, etc.

There's no difference here between UNIX and Windows. You give users
administrator access or you don't. I recommend not in most cases.

I have administrator access to the Windows box I use at work. Most users
don't, but developers are a bit special that way. The software I write
is deployed to a Solaris box where I don't have or need root. I have
shell access to the development box and no access at all to the test or
production environments.

A developer may need administrator access to his desktop so he can
install all the weird and wonderful tools we use to get our jobs done.

A developer who needs, or thinks he needs, root access to the
test/production environments is doing it wrong.
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