[clug] [Job] VoIP QA Tester

Bernard Duggan bernie at m5net.com
Fri Jul 4 04:35:16 GMT 2008

Hi guys,
	The company I work for, M5 Networks, is looking for a QA person for our 
VoIP system.  The system itself runs on Linux servers and Cisco IP 
phones.  The short version is that we'd like someone with a passing 
familiarity with networking, Linux and ideally programming.  We're not 
expecting you to be able to tell us what the 20th byte of the TCP header 
is used for, or be able to enumerate every function in the standard C 
library (though bonus points if you can of course).  You can find out 
more about us at http://www.m5networks.com.au, and our US arm (for whom 
you'd be working in a business organisational sense) at 
http://www.m5net.com.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions 
or expressions of interest.



Here's a selection from the official ad (sorry - it contains almost 
every cliché in the book):

LOCATION        : Canberra, ACT, Australia

* Working as part of the QA team to develop and execute test plans to 
exercise the full feature range of M5’s VoIP phone system; researching 
and documenting observed defects, desired new features and feature 
* Communicating effectively with others in the engineering team and our 
internal and external customers with respect to understanding specs, 
user scenarios, defects, etc.
* Creation of scripts to automate system tasks and tests
* Working with developers to assist in development, maintenance and 
enhancements of automated testing tools  Working with systems 
administration and network staff to ensure that QA team’s LAN and system 
requirements are met.
* Quality conscious and meticulous paying close attention to detail
* Able to write up and execute comprehensive test cases and plans.
* Excellent written and oral skills facilitating effective communications
* Experience working with scripting languages such as Shell script, 
Perl, PHP
* Ability to write and debug queries on MySQL or other SQL database
* Familiar with best practices in writing robust code and with 
configuration management tools such as CVS.
* Good knowledge of and experience with Unix command line tools
* Some familiarity with:
** Linux system administration
** Local area networks, TCP/IP networking, TCP/IP applications (bind, 
sendmail, webserver, etc.)
** Some programming using C/C++/Java
* Understanding and appreciation of Business Processes and user 
* Self-starter, able to work effectively both alone and as part of a 
geographically widespread team.

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